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WIN CDAP Deals fast and deliver at scale

CDAP Digital Advisor Platform Demo


Why invest 45 minutes into a Demo?


It's critical to capture the CDAP opportunity and go to market fast in a way that's scaleable and 100% compliant.

Grow Faster:

By doing it right, you can get new clients, and build a revenue stream based on the grants. More importantly, you can grow your business in a sustainable way with revenue streams following the supported plans.

During this demo, you'll see how an integrated approach can enable you to go to market fast, win more deals and generate multiple revenue streams.


Save Time:

Generating new leads, creating proposals, jotting down meeting notes with clients, putting together the plans, submitting plans for approval with excel sheets and word documents are so inefficient. 

During the demo, you'll see how purpose-built software automates most of these tasks.


Stay Compliant:

You might delegate the work to team members and you might work on multiple clients at the same time. Keeping your plans compliant while helping achieve your client's objectives can be a real challenge.

During the Demo, you'll learn the ways that you can scale this operation without worrying about compliance.


Schedule a 45-minute call:


During the session, you will see how you can leverage the CDAP opportunity with an integrated approach.

A customer's CDAP journey with a simple framework comes with this purpose-built software with all the help you need.

Why would you waste time & effort doing it by yourself?